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Art from friends =)

Art by :iconevilmuffinsz: :thumb308795962:
The Guy or the Coffee by Keyade
An art piece made for me by :iconkeyade:, You should really check her works out!!!!

Some others to check out: :iconblackmustang13: bday gift by blackmustang13 Sunny Day! by blackmustang13

:icondragondodo: :CO: Path Ascending by DragonDodo Spirits of the forest by DragonDodo

They need your help!!



:bulletorange: :iconunibat: :"Hello, my name is Brittany and I am in need of some help. I have $3500 of debt mainly medical, that I need help paying off. I am trying to live on my own but I can't because of the debt I'm in.

The only talent that I do have is my ability to draw. I will draw my hand off to pay for my debt. Even if only a penny if given, I wouldn't care, I'm that determined to rid this nasty debt. I have a small part time job but, I don't make enough to chip away the debt and to help out with bills and, with the economy being so bad now, it's hard to find another job even though I tried my best to look for another. :( " . More samples of her drawings here:…

:bulletyellow: :iconatlas0: He was recently a victim of fraud and lost all of his money in his bank account. He is at risk of getting kicked out of his house if he doesn't resolve this soon:

:bulletpink: :iconadmx: It's a game development project called "GameStar", and they need funds in order to complete it.
It has so much potential, and it looks amazing so far!
mokonaxmodoki and mainor18 are members of the team.
Here is the link to contribute:…

:bulletorange: :iconyorukochikokoro: :"I have commissions open and I really really need to save up money to help support myself. I'm in college right now, living in the dorm, with barely any money. And with being in the graphic design program I seriously need more money and nobody seems to want to hire me so I don't have a job either."

:bulletblue: :iconworldhero: is opening a commission to help her boyfriend now. Please read here for more info:


Charitable Adopt Auction. This is a charitable auction to help raise funds forDarkest-of-Days and his husband, who're going through some serious medical and finantial issues. The money raised from Sweet & Wild will go entirely to Darkest-of-Days.

:bulletpink: :iconmzzazn:is doing a fundraiser for volunteering abroad in Kenya at an orphanage during Christmas break

:bulletblue: :iconsagemint:: "I have school loans to pay back because I withdrew from my college earlier than I thought I would, I have to pay back an amount for a semester I didn't attend, and lastly I need to help my family out with bills. I'm not even sure if I'll be attending my new school anytime soon because of everything else I listed, but anyways I am in great need of help."
She is opening commission now.

:bulletred: :iconsugar-annanya: Hand is always important for artist. She needs money for her hand medical, please check our her adorable and very cheap commission:

:bulletblue: :iconlaiden-cerise: "Me and my siblings are trying to raise additional money to pay the hospital bills of our mom's recent surgeries..She had acute appendicitis & severe myoma and had undergone operation last Friday. My little sister, AkaReikou opened her artwork commissions in DA for the first time so we can earn some money to help pay the bills"

:bulletorange: :iconsincria: that's in danger of being kicked out of her house by her parents.
And she'll end up on the streets if they do. Here is more info:

:bulletred: :iconkomouri-chan::"i lost my house in Hurricane sandy. My family is low on cash, and taking commissions is the only way we are going to get some money at this time
my dad i out of work, and my mom is astay at home mom.

:bulletpink: :iconx0mochalatte0x::"I'm Art student overseas and for some political issues my grandma which is the only one who support me cannot send me money to usa cause the country are kinda in fight..i lost my job 2 days ago..and have no the point im living with under 10$. Please check out her commission if you can,

:bulletblack: :iconithilloth:"The thing is that my grandpa unexpectedly passed away on Sunday and we had to pay a lot for his funeral, so I kind of don't have money to live for the next month. In my journal there's a bit more information:". She is opening commission now, please check out her page for more information.

:bulletgreen: :iconmikrideb:: "My mother hasn't been paid from her job for 5 months and her salary has been decreased -350 euros and it's now 800 euros (if she's lucky) a month and my dad doesn't have much work, as most of people here in Greece. I'm doing cheap commissions just to help her"

:bulletblue: :iconsahtori-kamaya: has a tumor in her head, so she needs money to pay chemos. So she does cheap poney commission! Here is her whole story…

:bulletblack: From :iconkuraiame: "Galagya was recently robbed. afterwards Gala's roommate(s) left, leaving Gala and his/her girlfriend to pay for everything. They have NO money and need help! Here is a link to Galagya's journal post that goes into much more detail:…

:bulletorange: :iconsonala: " I am in Martinique since one year! Regrettably my employee does not pay me and I have to return in France! but, the price of the ticket is 600 euro and I have no means! I thus turn to you!! If I sucess has to make 40 drawings of 20 euro (or comission of 5, 10 or 15 euros or in dollars), I could leave!!!
and the journal…?"

:bulletwhite: :iconchibitsubaki: Her mother went to the doctor recently and she seems to have cancer in her bladder. She wants to help provide for her family and help pay for the medical bills, but it would be more stressful for her family if she dropped out of school to work. She wants to do commissions now, and needs some publicity:

:bulletwhite: :iconarichy: is truly in need of money for clothes and food:

:bulletpink: :iconanzuai:: "I recently lost my job and am trying to build up funds for going to college (fees have just been raised), so I've opened up comissions".

:bulletgreen: :iconkuraiame:: "A few months ago my dad lost his unemployment benefits, so he has no income. At that time I had been working great hours and was able to afford paying his bills, rent and some of my fiancee's bills as well. Though, recently, my workplace was bought up by a family and they have cut my hours in half. Luckily I had enough saved up to support everyone for a while, but I was spending more than I was making. Yesterday my dad and his roommate (who now has no income aswell since he is paid on commissions and they keep telling him his sales "fell through" so they wont pay him) received a three day eviction notice. I gave my dad all of the money I had in my savings and checking account (which was $600) to go towards his rent so he has a place to live. The only problem is that now that I've given him all that I have and my hours have been cut, I wont be able to afford to help him, let alone myself. I would let him live with me, but I live in my Great Aunt's house, and I'm lucky to be living here since she normally doesn't let anyone outside of her side of the family stay here, which means it's a no for my dad to live here.

I have just dropped all of my prices for commissions to be between $1-$3 USD. I may not be the greatest artist out there, but if anyone is interested in me doing something for them, than I will gladly accept!"

:bulletred: :iconlittlekumiko:: Would you buy my arts work to save my life?. Please read cause she is really in need. Thank you,

:bulletorange: :iconmistingwolf: is really need help now to pay her bill and buying food. Please check out:

:bulletpink: Sashi has been suffering from endomorphisms since she was little and too many doctors misdiagnosed it till she get to such a severe stage now. she needs money for surgery and her friends hv set up a donation n commissions blog for her sake (the link that i given in the first)
The info is here>>…

:bulletwhite: :iconninaste:: "I have been unemployed for over a year and need to raise 3000 USD in 6 months, I am working on commissions and have gather up to 200 so far but I need to get more commissions so that I can pay my bills and some depts that I have as well, also some medical exams that are coming and I don't have the cash to pay those either, I am starting a promotion. 5 slots in 25 USD of whatever they want, portrait, half body or full body will cost only 25 USD to begin, that'll gather me at least for part of the rent of this month.
Here is a link for more infomation about this ="

:bulletwhite::iconshadowheart1315:: "I've had major brain surgery that has left me disabled and i'm stuck living with my mom and my step dad who refuse to acknowledge the problems it causes me and there is constant turmoil and hatred. We are of very low income and are having trouble buying food. I've been told if things get worse i'll have to leave, to the streets because i have no other place to go. Commissions will help me help us afford food and live a little less stressful. On top of that it will keep me off the streets.
Here's the link to my commission journal… ."

:bulletred: :iconmichinyo:: "This is like a last resort for me. I have been a victim of bipolar/depression/social anxiety/PTSD for 10 years now without any form of treatment. This stems from an abusive and traumatic childhood. Last spring, I went into a severe depressive episode and ended up failing my semester in college. Because of this, I owe $2000 to my school, and they are holding my transcript until it is paid off.
I also need about $3000 in dental care since I have never been to a dentist other than two instances that I have paid for myself. Most importantly, I wish to seek counseling and possibly medication so help my psychological disorders.
I am unable to become hired in this job market, so I have no source of income at the moment. Commissions would be a blessing if anything."

:bulletyellow: :iconsnhigginsss:: "I am in need to funds to get through the next two and a half months before the rest of my student loan comes in, sometime in January. Books and art supplies for my course practically sucked my bank account dry and I'm living bare bones until the beginning of January. I have 20 dollars to my name, and I also have a recurring bill payment that needs to be addressed, and anything helps. These will be open indefinitely until further notice. Further Information can be found here:… ".

:bulletorange: :iconromaji:: "My disabled mother and I are being kicked out of our apartment, and we still need $400 by the middle of December or else we'll be homeless. We live on a very small fixed income, so money is tight. I have gotten what loan I can, but we still need that last $400. For more information you can read here:… ".

:bulletblue: :iconneolucky: Is having a kidney transplant and is in need of money. Please read here so you can know more info dear:… . Thank you,

:bulletblack: :iconsorrowgrave:: "I'm stuck in a emotionally and often physically abusive home, but because my father has a law degree there's no loop hole I can use to get out of here for two years until I turn 17. I've had child protective services called and they agree I'm in a bad pinch but can't do anything. My counselors at high school are planning on transferring me to another school when I turn 17, the legal age of emancipation but I have no means to support myself; my father doesn't allow me to work and he's taken over most of my funds.By leaving him I'm cutting myself off from all family help. All I have to my name is 105 . That's no where near enough to support myself for even a week once I can finally get away. I've been in a psychiatric hospital for a week this august. I'm writing a book as a hope to find some sovereignty when a friend suggested to turn my book into a ebook and make it free to read. It's on this website".

:bulletpurple: :iconsnow-in-wonderland::"I am currently working on comissions to try and make my way back home for the holidays because its been almost a year since my dad has seen me or his granddaughter. But right now I cant afford it at all I'm even struggling to pay the rent this month.
Not to mention my baby needs to get her immunizations updated but I cant afford that even.
Also I am trying to replace my scanner so I can do drawing comissions again as well...but that isnt important.
What is important is my babies medical needs and that I want to see my family again... I'm terribly depressed all the time...
And I'm ashamed to ask for help when there are so many others out there that need it more than I do...
But I have several dolls in my gallery I want to sell ranging from 10-25 dollars...". Please help her out if you can cause her dolls are lovely.

:bulletyellow::iconliriusmagi::"I have commissions open. I am having some problems, and need to see a therapist. Her cheapest rate is $60 dollars. I have no job and would also need to pay some money to get down to see her. For now it's just a one time thing, and I see her on November 18th.

:bulletwhite: On Oct 23rd, a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake had struck in eastern Turkey. More than 200 people died and 1,000 were injured. How to help them?

:bulletblack: Ways to donate and help Thailand because of flood

:bulletred: :iconwerder:: "please help my mom. she has aneurysm, bleed in her brain, we're running out of funds...". Please whole info here… and help her mom if you can. Thank you,
Edit: I am truly sorry but werder's mom was passed away :cry:. May she rest in peace :blackrose:

:bulletyellow: :iconrhapsodey: :"I have run into some serious little issues... Such as almost never having rent money on time. I've nearly been kicked out twice from my apartment and my jobs barely are covering my butt now, and I have no clue how I can pull money out of air for the new car that I need to get to these jobs. Not to mention that my family is having issues staying afloat... It's just getting harder and harder to survive and even start to thrive when life keeps throwing these curve balls at me like this. I can't sleep sometimes I'm so stressed out about making payments on time and still having enough to feed my pet, let alone myself."

:bulletpink: :iconellegial: is having health problem. She tries to raise some money by doing really cheap commissions. Please help her cause she draws very nicely.

:bulletgreen: :iconladyshar:: "I'm in college for animation. I was just noteafied that if I don't pay them soon, They will kick me out. I love the school and I love what I'm doing. I recently lost my job, I still have a car to pay for of whch my mom takes to work 3 days a week so I can't go the number of days they need me to go at school. I'm doing commissions.… ."

:bulletyellow: :iconsypherianlp:: "My mom is working 2 jobs, both of my sisters are working as well but one of needs to find another job because her job isn't exactly stable. My dad is an alcoholic so he's no help and I really can't work because its my senior year in highschool and i'm gonna try to focus on that so I can atleast get a scholarship to pay for college. We are renting a room out in our apartment but it still isn't enough as my mom is still always running around trying to get money in for rent. We also just got charged more than $2,000 for a month to month contract on our apartment even though we asked for another contract". Please check her journal for commission information.

:bulletwhite: :iconlwyn: needs to pay for car repairs and is accepting $1 commissions. Shes is well worth it.…

:bulletblue: :iconmisssim:: "I'm unemployed right now and got a 1 year old to take care of, so im doing very cheap commissions."

:bulletgreen: :iconwishing0nthestars: "I need to save money so I can go to college next year(already had to wait a year due to lack of funds) and pay for new tiers on my car for winter. No one is employed at my home due to our community firing more people then hiring. We have no insurance so no way for me to pay for a therapist I need to control my depression. My commission info is located on a custom widget on my front page. wishing0nthestars.deviantart.c… ."

:bulletred: Alabama tornado relief: How you can help

:bulletwhite: My condoles for Myanmar's peoples because of earthquake on 25th March 2011 & Spanish's peoples Spanish earthquakes on May 12nd 2011 :blackrose:.

:bulletyellow: :iconrabbit-edge:… I'm really having a hard time to survive. I never believe that this day will come that I have to move and survive on my own.. I got no proper food to eat since this morning. I gave up my $1 to buy a toothbrush on my own. I really got no money left. I have to save up some money to have a rent a small room. Please.. I really need help on this... :(

:bulletblack:6 ways to help Japan earthquake & Tsunami victims

:bulletgreen: :iconvalokilljoy:: I need the money to help pay for my medications, because my health coverage dropped me because I turned 19.

:bulletyellow: :iconmagicaljoey: "My family is in incredible debt, and I need to go into a psychiatric hospital because I have: Amemia - Conversion Disorder - Fybrimyalgia - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - Insulin resistance - Dissasociative Disorders - Insomnia - Treatment resistant depression - Bi-polar Disorder - Skitsophrenia (can never spell it) - Borderline Multiple personality disorder.
Basically what I need is money. It costs R11 000 a week at the hospital (that's about $1 400) and we really can't afford it.
I have websites up offering services (check my journal) for which I will hopefully earn money, but with all these disorders and conditions I cannot work in an office, I cannot continue studying and I cannot live properly.
My main problem, thus, is money. If anyone has anything spare it will go towards medication and treatment (see my journal)."

:bulletblue: :iconpencillover: My parents divorced a few years ago, but we all still live together because me, my mom and my younger sister don't have the money to move out. We try our best to somehow make it financially but my father does everything in his power to make our life worse.
About a week ago it turned out that ever since the divorce he hasn't paid a single bill for electricity, heating and basically everything else. So they came up and cut off everything. For a week now we don't have power and thus light, hot water, the possibility to cook anything or make tea, do the laundry or dishes not mentioning the shower. And the house if freezing.
But what's worse is that my father says that it's my mom who has to pay those bills. And she doesn't have any money. And if she doesn't pay it in a month, the bailiff will come and we're all doomed. We can forget about ever moving out.
And the worst part is that i can't help my mom by getting some kind of job, because the moment i start working and making money my dad cuts off alimony for me and we'd be in even worse situation.
So, basically my life is a disaster right now and I don't know how to manage it. The bill is about 1500$ high and it's an impossible ammount for us to get. I'm writing to you in hope that you'd come up with some kind of solution because i'm out of options. I'm not counting on anything, I just wanted t share my story with someone. I think I'm too broken down to even look for a way out of this disaster.

:bulletwhite: Please help Australians, Brazilians, Philippians, Colombians, Sri Lankan because of major flood:… . Thank you so much :pray:

:bulletblack: Rest in peace :iconradiopooh: :blackrose:

:bulletred: :iconsuicidebysafetypin: is in a huge troublesome (she needs to get back her kid) and she really needs your help now, please just take a bit of your time to read her journal to understand more and help her if you can or spread the words is very nice too,

:bulletorange: :iconcrayolacolours:: Basically, my dad's losing his job, and we're left with no money. My entire family is fighting, and the only thing I can do is commissions. My mom is turning suicidal, and we can't afford to get her in to fix her hormonal imbalances.


:bulletblack::iconkhallix:is open for commission to pay for hospital and college tuition fees. More…

:bulletblue::iconmewtwoslittleone:is having a hard time now. Her dad had just passed away, leaving her family with no other source of income. She's selling prints and is open for donation, please help if you…

:bulletwhite::iconimagineye:His dog Tankster has tumor and in need of immediate surgery. More…

:bulletyellow::iconatramina:is opening cheap & beautiful commissions to help her bf. More info at her journal…

:bulletpink::iconpsychotic-rainbow:’s parents can’t find a job for the last 3 years. She can’t have a job because she’s 16, but she wants to help her family anyway, since they have 5 children. More info:psychotic-rainbow.deviantart.c… She offers very low prices, only 1-2$.

:bulletyellow::iconjedec:have commissions open to help put herself through school because the California education cuts have set her back another year. More…

:bulletgreen::iconthe-eggnog-factory:hopes to earn raise 3000 USD within 4 months for living expenses for school. She is doing her best to raise money from DA commissions, Fiverr and Etsy. More info at:…

:bulletpink::iconyamata::Her house was destroyed by a tornado, most belongings and valuables are gone for good. She has to quit school and is working on 2 jobs already to help her family out. You can help by commission or donation.

:bulletred::iconsweeneyl:A friend of mine has a friend who is currently battling cancer, thus my friend is trying to raise funds for the research of Leukemia & Lymphoma. If she doesn't raise another $450, in addition to what she has, by the end of this month, she will be forced to drop out of the program. Also, to help raise funds for this, I will be selling hand made bracelets and bars of soap dedicated to these types of cancer.

:bulletwhite::icongrim-grinning:a classmate of mine who was diagnosed with Leukemia I'm looking for people to help do commissions to raise money, or commission me to raise money:xxabelxnightroadxx.deviantart.…

:bulletyellow::iconkizunayui-studios:needs help to try and keep her home, and buy food. Please help by buying a commission.

:bulletblue::iconakatsukidemon:is opening commission to help her family to pay for rent and stuff. Her dad's been on disability for about 5 years now because of a head injury and mini stroke. Her mom is in school and can hardly pay for tuition, even with financial aid. More…

:bulletyellow::iconmyloko:is in a tight financial situation, and recently underwent a surgery to remove one of her kidneys. Please give your support to her:…

:bulletwhite:Poor :iconkairicentatri:'s 3 year old daughter has Leukemia...Her daughter is an adorable girl who always has a smile on her face. Her mother is really… More info can find here, that girl is adorable ;_____;. Please send your best praying for them…

:bulletred:Chile was hit by Earthquake and they really need your help now. Every penny counts…

:bulletblack:Did you hear about Haiti earthquake? ;____;. Help them if you can, I m sure every penny is appreciated…

:bulletyellow:Awesome :iconmintyy: is opening pixel commission for bills. Please help her out cause her pixel arts are amazing :hug:. Thank you:love:.

:bulletpurple::iconmetalheadkomik:'s just got his father's motorbike stolen and he might possibly have to responsible for it.The motorbike worth 1200USD and he have no current,stable job for it. He's opening commission,just check his commission journal for more info please...Thanks!

:bulletwhite::iconmythicphoenix:has opened up some emergency commissions. She was barely scheduled at work this month and due to a screw up with student loans is struggling to make ends meet this month. For more info, check out her journal:…

:bulletwhite::iconcamiiie:'s doing commissions so she could graduate! She really needs the money & I am sure her beautiful cheap commissions worth to order:hug:.

:bulletorange: :iconcelestialsunberry:"My husband just lost his job and his family has scrounged up just enough, barely, for us to move, but we need new brakes on my husband's vehicle, I need my car registered, and we need insurance and money for food-all before we head out in two and a half weeks. I've been trying to get work for months but to no avail. We really, really need help. I'm offering $10 commissions because I have nowhere else to go. I've been trying so hard for us to find a better future." Please help her if you can :smooch:

:bulletblue: "The Snow Leopard Trust ( needs your help! They would like to you to sign up for their eNews and have others sign up as well. For every new subscriber, the Kearsley Fund will donate $2 to the Snow Leopard Trust. Their goal is 3000, but they are NOWHERE CLOSE! However, if we all sign up and post this in our journals, we can help donate up to $6000 for snow leopard conservation!…

:bulletyellow: If you haven't seen/heard about this already, a deviant is in need of help to find his brother who was kidnapped!

My best luck & wishes for all of you:heart:
Spread this world please if u can:hug:Thanks & Have a nice day:heart:

Here is a group you can find more artists who need help too, :iconforartistsaid::iconartistshospital:


Why do you do art? Check my journal if you would like to read my take on art :) 

6 deviants said Just to do it :B
3 deviants said Because it is my job :la:
2 deviants said Other Comment :blahblah:
1 deviant said It theropy/ a way to vent :lol:


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:star: I want a DA Laptop Messenger bag :star:
:star: IF you feel generousness, every point is appreciated :heart:
:star: I also give :points: away to those that need them. :la:
:bulletgreen: pay for adopts & Commissions here


If you support my art, spare a donation please =) :icondonatepointsplz:
Thanks in Advance :icondragonspin1:

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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
:star: Facebook :… :star:

Age: Ancient :lol:
Zodiac: Pisces
Year: Ram

Media: Traditional~ some digital

Inspiration: When I see the beauty to what may seem ugly or different in this world, and many artists...

Working on my own

Pencil, Color, Pencil, WC, Copics. Sketch Pad.

All my life, but did not get serious about til 4 years ago.
:iconnomglompplz: :iconnomglompplz: :iconnomglompplz:

TO BE A GOOD ARTIST~ Practice Practice!!!!!!





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